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Getting the most from your plot

Getting the most from your plot involves careful planning and successional sowing to maximise available space and partnering of plants to mutual benefit.  Working on a highly productive plot nourishes the mind as well as the body.  Here we will start to build up a catalogue of useful tips in each of the sections below.


Learn how and when to sow seed to extend your seasons and get the most from the vegetables you grow.

Growing Undercover

A polytunnel is a great addition to any plot, it allows the cultivation of more tender crops and can give you an earlier start to your growing season.

Soil Care

Looking after your soil is an important component of growing great tasting fruit and vegetables.  Get it right and you will reap the rewards for years to come.


Choice of vegetable is important, grow things you love to eat and explore unusual varieties you do not find in supermarkets.


Make the most of your watering regime to get the most from it and ensure plants get just the right amount at the right times.

Planning Your Plot

Positioning and layout are important to maximise yields and plan for crop rotations to prevent the build up of soil bourne pests.

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